Artmedia Trading is an online store based in Mindanao, Philippines.

I run this store singlehandedly as some sort of hobby.

Sometimes a friend or two helps out especially during peak season.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Where are you located?

General Santos City in Mindanao but I ship to anywhere in the Philippines.


Do you have a physical store? 

Nope. All transactions are only online.


Do you do meet-ups?



What if I live in General Santos City?

Err...just contact me and I'll see what I can do. 


Do you plan to have an actual brick & mortar store someday?

Maybe. It depends. For now, I am comfortable and content in doing online transactions. Though I cannot serve you face to face, I am ready to assist anybody in any way I can. Just ask.


What kind of services do you have to offer? 

Well aside from the sourcing of these products and my friendly advice if anyone wants them, I accept special orders too. Like, you can ask me about a specific item and I'll try to find it for you. I can reserve stuff ahead too but all this is limited. I cannot do that for too many people at the same time so I do it in batches.


How do I avail or sign up for "special" orders?

Just send me a pm~ ^_^